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Climate Action 101

We’re hoping that sustainability is on your agenda for 2022. We know it’s a broad church and can be quite overwhelming, but we all have to start somewhere.

If you are beginning to think about it and plan for it, here’s an easy way to start.

Let’s begin by considering your environmental responsibilities (social and economic sustainability are also vital for a balanced picture, and we’ll come back to them).

As individuals and organisations, the bulk of our carbon footprint is typically determined by three factors….

Energy. Transport. Food.

Ask yourself the following three questions, and consider how you could make changes to lower your emissions across each.

1. How are you powering your facilities and events?
2. How are you, your players and your supporters getting to and from training, races and matches?
3. Where is your food coming from?

If you can take meaningful action in the above three areas, you will reduce the carbon footprint of your sport significantly.

Through pursuing these changes with your suppliers, and inspiring your players, participants and supporters to adopt similar behaviours, you will be making a significant and long-lasting contribution to tackling the climate crisis.

Sport’s sustainability superpower is its ability to influence the actions and behaviours of its fans and followers.

Contact us to start talking about flexing your sustainability superpower today. Supporters, government and sponsors will thank you for it –

Some recommended reading: How to Save Our Planet. The Facts by Mark Maslin.

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