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England Golf – The Sustainability Drive

Who’s doing it?

Earlier this month, England Golf published its new sustainability plan.

As custodian for England’s 1,800 clubs and amateur game, the national governing body is now leading on environmental and social sustainability.

Golfers, clubs, counties and stakeholders will be engaged and educated on the benefits of purposeful action.

What are they doing?

The strategy will help clubs upgrade their operations and promote golf as a sustainable sport for future generations.

This will also ensure that golf clubs strengthen their relevance and community connection.

What can clubs & golfers expect?

Taking its lead from the British Association for Sustainable Sport, England Golf’s sustainability strategy is founded on 12 key principles.

These principles span three core pillars – environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic resilience.

Clubs and golfers will be provided with resources and advice, to ensure sustainability becomes embedded into the sport.

Why is this important?

With 8.4 million golfers in England – 2.4 million regular players – there’s an opportunity to drive a compelling ‘sustainability through sport’ message directly to this large and growing audience.

Reduced carbon emissions, long-term protection, ecological benefits, course efficiencies and increased community connection are just some of golf’s major opportunities and impacts.

Want to know more?

To understand why England Golf is pursuing its new sustainability strategy, watch the short video below.

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