Case Study

(Horse)Racing against Climate Change

Who’s doing it?

Britain’s horseracing industry is driving to understand the impacts and risks of climate change for the sport.

What are they doing?

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) is working closely with The Racing Foundation (the charity set up to administer funds from sale of the Tote) to build awareness of the challenge.

Climate change was a core theme of the ‘Horseracing Industry Conference’ in September 2021.

At ‘Future -Proofing the Racing Industry: Protecting People and the Planet’, this and other key sustainability issues were showcased (including wellbeing and diversity within the sport).

This focus reflects the innovative work of key stakeholders:

Covering the key sustainability issues for horse racing/breeding, the latter will also highlight potential solutions and impactful action (especially around biodiversity).

Why is it important?

The lead taken by British racing will be watched closely, particularly in Ireland.

COVID is a continuing challenge, but there’s opportunity for the industry to pursue positive, community-supporting change.

Want to know more?

In this video, Julie Harrington, CEO BHA, explains why “getting ahead of the curve” is critical.

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