Case Study

Oakland Roots: Starting at Sustainable

Who’s doing it?

As part of the USL soccer league, the Oakland Roots Sports Club seeks to serve its host city and use the power of sport for social good.

What are they doing?

Although part of the Roots’ vision is to compete successfully, an even greater focus for the club is to help achieve the goals and ideals that are central to making Oakland a better place to live.

Playing to home sell out crowds of 5,000, the club is a champion for social progress, local economic activity and effective climate action.

In June 2020, the club became the first US soccer club to join the ‘Common Goal’ movement. In doing so, one percent of the team’s payroll and one percent of all future ticket revenue will be donated to help address social inequality.

Why is it important?

Evidenced by its iconic oak tree emblem, the club is striving to maximise the social and economic benefits for its fans’ communities.

At the same time, it is working to minimise its impacts upon the environment – reducing carbon emissions and offsetting through Oakland city’s ‘2030 Equitable Climate Action Plan’.

Want to know more?

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