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Brands backing sustainability and sport – Pinergy

Who’s doing it?

Pinergy, Ireland’s leading authority on smart energy technology, is using Irish sport to advance its message around sustainability. 

We spoke with David Slattery, Pinergy’s Head of Marketing, to understand why this makes perfect sense for the brand.

What are they doing?

Growing in terms of market position, Pinergy’s sponsorship activities centre around sport.

Munster Rugby & Basketball Ireland are its two most prominent relationships – with Pinergy now a lead sustainability partner for the former.

Pinergy advises upon energy consumption and solutions in its key partners’ venues and operations. 

And this extends to supporting the social and community side of sustainability, through major schools’ cup competitions for rugby and basketball.

A generation of people have grown up with Pinergy” notes Slattery. “Our message and support has to be relevant for the next generation and their parents.

Core elements

Pinergy’s involvement with Munster Rugby is well known, with the sponsorship now in its ninth year. 

Innovative support, including Musgrave Park’s 400 kWh solar installation and guidance around the club’s commitment to the UN’s Sport for Climate Action, show the sustainable value Pinergy brings to its partner properties.

Smart meter analysis and visible daily data also helps reduce energy consumption (typically around 15% less for first-year business customers).

As Slattery points out, “If you learn how you’re using electricity, you’ll use it better.”

Reducing consumption will reduce costs and carbon footprints.

With sport under pressure to act sustainably, this major mutual ‘win’ underlines the benefits of collaborative, purpose-led sponsorship. 

Sport’s solar opportunity

In Slattery’s view, the business case for sport pursuing renewable energy has never been better.

Pay back from capital investment is falling back now to often less than five years.”

Taking its lead from elite sport, solar is proving an increasingly compelling vehicle for energy generation at community level. Selling excess energy heralds a new revenue opportunity.

In Ireland, key elements around the micro-generation export scheme await clarification through 2022.

But for brands like Pinergy, sports-related collaboration is already driving meaningful change towards a more sustainable destination.

Want to know more?

You can check out the scope of Pinergy’s involvement and support for its key sports partners.

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