Scope F – Impact x 100

Who’s doing it?

Planet League is a behaviour-tech entertainment platform, using the power of sport to drive action on climate change. 

Partnering with 72 professional football clubs in the UK and placing education programmes in over 500 schools, it has inspired over 77,000 positive climate actions from football fans. 

What have they done?

Planet League released a major report this week advocating an important new message for sport.

In essence, sport can and must use its immense social power to influence fans and followers everywhere – and not just those who attend games – to help drive the widest collective reduction of carbon emissions. 

What’s the key message?

Extending the familiar classification of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, a new term ‘Scope F’, covers the emissions that a sports club influences among its support base (‘F’ signifying ‘fan’). 

With emissions embedded within the purchasing choices made by sports fans (e.g. through advertisements or emotive sponsorships), the Scope F impact of the world’s biggest sports organisations could extend to influencing millions or billions of fans to positive action. 

Why is this important?

As some of the strongest brands in cities and towns across the globe, sports organisations can help bring together local leaders, businesses and fans.

Collectively, they can focus on building practical collective ways of cutting harmful environmental impacts.

Whether driving initiatives around home energy, insulation, active travel, biodiversity or basic community guidance etc, engaging and rewarding participation makes for better business and sustainable outcomes.

Approached effectively, and in conjunction with reducing emissions across the board, the report estimates that clubs of all sizes can target a Scope F impact up to 100 times greater than its combined efforts for Scopes 1, 2 & 3!

Want to know more?

Watch Sky Sports piece or check out Planet League’s white paper for the full details and opportunity around Scope F.

If you’d like to understand how Scope F translates to your own sports organisation, get in touch with us at