Case Study

Sky Sports: Committed to Net Zero

Who’s doing it?

Sky Sports is the first broadcaster to sign up to the UNFCCC Sports for Climate Action Framework.

What are they doing?

All of its UK host broadcasts in 2021 have been albert certified and rated as ‘carbon neutral’ productions. Renewable energy use, climate change awareness and a reduced operational footprint are just some of the integral strategic components.

Why is it important?

As well as this commitment, Sky Sports has used its platform to encourage understanding and behavioural change amongst its fan-based audience.

By highlighting issues including sports equipment, plastics, food and travel choices, the broadcaster aims to achieve a mainstream conversation around climate change and the widest positive impact.

To help bring this to life, Sky partnered with Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea around ‘Game Zero’ – the world’s first elite net zero carbon football match on 19 September 2021.

Want to know more?

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