Case Study

Southampton FC: The Greener Game

Who’s doing it?

Premier League club Southampton FC is bringing its sustainability strategy to life before this weekend’s home match with fifth-placed Arsenal.

What are they doing?

As part of its ‘Halo Effect’ plan of action, the #greenergame and its pre-match activity will engage supporters in the club’s environmental efforts. 

The club is aiming to reduce travel emissions, minimise waste, showcase biodiversity and promote plant-based food – all within an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

What can fans expect?

  • Free park & ride buses for local fans; free coach travel for Arsenal supporters
  • Giant wire fish-themed sculpture to gather fans’ single-use plastics and bottles
  • Packets of wildflower seeds given out to young Southampton and Arsenal fans
  • Vegan tastings for first 500 fans into ground, plus 20% off all vegan food options
  • Chance for fans’ sustainability pledges to make it onto the big screen

Why is this important?

Following the path of similar climate-neutral matches (e.g. Sky Sport’s ‘Game Zero’ and Worcester Warriors ‘’#Converttozero’), Southampton’s ‘GreenerGame’ is the latest example of sport’s intention to inspire fans and other key stakeholders to start thinking about sustainability. 

It’s also a dynamic embodiment of the club’s acclaimed ‘Halo Effect’ strategy and goals:

“From cutting carbon and improving biodiversity, to being a force for good in the community, promoting equality and becoming a more responsible business – we’re thinking about how we can be a better, more conscious and more sustainable club in every aspect of how we work, play and connect with people.”

Want to know more?

You can find out more about Southampton FC’s comprehensive sustainability strategy by visiting The Halo Effect website.

If you’re keen to make your own start around sustainability, get in touch with us at

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