The Long Run

The Long Run: Athletes Forum

Who’s doing it?

On the evening of Tuesday 5 April, Impact 3 Zero is meeting with Irish elite athletes interested in sustainability.

What’s happening?

‘The Long Run’ is a brand new athlete forum, aimed at identifying the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability and sport in Ireland.

The initiative will launch with an online working group call and discussion.

Facilitated by Impact 3 Zero’s Patrick Haslett and Patrick Murphy, the group will hear from Melissa Wilson, former GB rower and now leading athlete voice and founder of  ‘Athletes of the World’.

Amongst a number of considerations, we’ll be looking at the following::

  • Is Irish sport doing enough to combat climate change?
  • Can sport contribute more to positive social impact?
  • Is there a role for athletes to play?
  • What is that role?

Why is this important?

As a vital stakeholder in the Irish sporting community, we feel it’s vital to understand athletes’ hopes and concerns on the topics of climate action and sustainability.

Increasingly, athletes with a position or point of view on sustainability are also attracting the attention of brands investing in their own sustainability efforts.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about the role athletes are playing, you can watch the ‘Athletes of the World’ video produced for COP26.

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