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Wolves fans demand action – Football for Future

Who’s doing it?

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC is the latest Premier League club to take the lead around environmental sustainability.

But what’s really interesting is that Wolves’ fans have demanded that the club take this course of action.

Why & what are they doing?

Wolves’s new partnership with environmental non-profit, Football For Future (FFF) is aimed at helping the club realise its ambitions.

This collaboration restates the enormous potential for sport, and particularly football, to promote sustainability.

With over half of the world’s population fans of football, that’s a unique opportunity for meaningful action.

Under FFF’s guidance, Wolves will build the following:

  • Club-wide environmental sustainability strategy and departmental action plans.
  • Staff education around football, the impacts of climate change, and what Wolves will do.
  • Comprehensive review of the club’s carbon ‘bootprint’ and baseline.
  • Public launch, involving the club’s fans.

Why is it important?

Crucially, Wolves’ 1877 Trust, a democratic, not-for-profit organisation of Wolves supporters, helped instigate this move.

Prompted by concern, the trust submitted a motion urging greater focus on sustainability and carbon emissions at the Football Supporters Association’s AGM in November 2021. 

The outcome? Wolves’ fans will now play a key role in shaping the club’s sustainability journey.

Want to know more?

You can find out more about Wolves’ and the Premier League’s approach to environmental sustainability at Sport Positive’s Premier League Index.

If you want your organisation to make a start on sustainability, get in touch with us at

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