Georgie Kelly: A striking impact

Who’s doing it? Georgie Kelly is a man accustomed to seeking out challenges.  As a professional footballer and UCD environmental masters student, Georgie is on a mission to achieve, both on and off the pitch. What’s happening? Georgie is one of a growing number of high-profile athletes, using their platform to raise awareness of critical […]

The Three Big Questions

  Almost every client, almost every time. These are the three questions being asked by people who want to start talking about sustainability in their sports organisations. 1. “What does ‘sustainability’ actually mean?” Easy. The primary confusion tends to centre upon the short-hand understanding that sustainability = environmental action.  While the concept of sustainability appears […]

Sustainability and YOUR sport

Three questions: What is sustainability? What are the specific opportunities for sustainability in your sport? Where do you start? We want to help you answer those questions. Contact me,, and we can start talking about sustainability and your sport today. Patrick HaslettManaging PartnerImpact 3 Zero

The Athlete Voice

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Who’s doing it? An increasing number of elite athletes are getting involved with climate action. What are they doing Using their collective voices and platforms, athlete-related initiatives are popping up across the globe.  In August 2021, ex-Australian rugby union player David Pocock led the ‘Cool Down’.  Over 450 athletes from 40 sports called for bold […]

I can’t lecture anyone

Patrick Murphy Impact Three Zero Sustainabilty Agency in Sport

I can’t lecture anyone about sustainability. Over the last couple of years, I’ve found myself aspiring to a simpler life. Many of the decisions I’ve taken have been made with the environment as an increasingly prominent factor. – Commuting by bike and public transport.– Using the car as a last resort.– No meat.– Less… “stuff”. […]

A pandemic and a podcast

Impact 3 Zero Emergency on Planet Sport Sustainability Sport Agency

I have to be honest. I’ve never viewed myself as a champion of sustainability. Amidst the ‘busy-ness’ of work and home life, it just wasn’t on my radar. That is, until I chanced upon a certain podcast…. Emergency On Planet Sport I’m not sure what sparked my curiosity but a shift of sorts happened when […]